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We firmly believe without a doubt that Stempy was a victim of VETERINARY NEGLIGENCE & SUBSTANDARD CARE that resulted in his preventable death at the hands of BAD vet

NEVER blindly trust your veterinarian!

It's been...
Years: Months: Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds:
..since Stempy's death at the hands of ANN K. THOMAS, DVM, and still NO JUSTICE!
Stempy's death was
PREVENTABLE had he received competent veterinary care!

Stempy - June 29, 1998    Stempy -circa 2003    Stempy - 1999 - 2 years old

WHAT HAPPENED TO STEMPY? Here's a timeline:

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Stempy was a victim of alleged veterinary negligence / veterinary malpractice. The BAD veterinarian who did this to Stempy was Ann Thomas DVM of Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital in Mesquite, Texas. This website is dedicated to the memory of our beloved little Shih Tzu boy - Stempy - and to exposing the BAD veterinarian - Ann Thomas DVM - responsible for his negligent care and untimely death. We also aim to expose the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners who often protect these BAD vets at the expense of the lives of Texas pets. NEVER blindly trust your veterinarian.

What happened to Stempy?

veterinary negligence , veterinary abuse , veterinary malpractice , incompetent , substandard

Stempy had a problem with bladder stones. This is a condition that needs to be monitored and managed. There is much more to managing this condition than just a diet change.  (Read this at  to learn about Stempy's condition.) Stempy was already on a prescription diet from his previous veterinarian due to a previous problem with stones. This was dealt with by his prior veterinarian nonsurgically. We changed veterinarianss in the Fall of 2003 because we never saw the same vet twice at our old clinic. We wanted a vet who would get to know our dogs. It was then that we made the worst decision of our lives in our choice of a new veterinarian.

Dr. Ann Thomas - Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital (aka Rodeo Dr. Vet Rodeo Dr Veterinary Hospital Canine & Cat Corral , Rodeo Drive Animal )  was a solo practitioner that was close to our home. We had started buying Stempy’s prescription diet from Dr. Thomas in September 2003. Since Dr. Thomas had never seen Stempy, she required us to provide his records from his previous veterinarian in order to dispense his prescription diet. (*-Note that in Stempy’s records from Dr. Thomas, she claims that his previous records contained no mention of his bladder stone history. If that is the case, then what in the world was she doing dispensing a prescription diet to Stempy without ever seeing him? Isn't that a failure to establish a veterinarian/client/patient relationship?) Dr. Thomas sold us Stempy’s prescription diet several times before doctor and patient ever met.

Stempy met Dr. Thomas (aka  Ann K Thomas DVM Ann Thomas DVM Ann K. Thomas DVM Ann Thomas, DVM Ann K. Thomas, DVM Ann K Thomas, DVM Dr. Ann K. Thomas, DVM ) , of Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital (aka Rodeo Dr. Vet Rodeo Dr Veterinary Hospital Canine & Cat Corral  Rodeo Drive Animal ) for the first time under adverse circumstances. In November of 2003, Stempy had a urethral obstruction (Perhaps both Dr. Thomas and the reviewing veterinarians for the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners should review and study the following links on Urethral Obstruction and  Canine Retrograde Urohydropropulsion: A Standard of Care ) caused by a bladder stone blocking his urethra. This is a medical emergency.   Of course, all we knew at the time is that Stempy couldn’t urinate and he was very uncomfortable. Dr. Thomas was able to wash the obstruction back to his bladder. As she should, she took radiographs to see the stone, and she did a urinalysis. Based on the urinalysis, she changed his diet. She sent Stempy home wearing a catheter to wait a few days for a cystotomy to be performed. We informed Dr. Thomas of a few seizure-like episodes Stempy had experienced in his past because we were worried it would cause problems with his anesthesia. Dr. Thomas responded to this information by saying, “Oh really.” (Dr. Thomas denies this conversation ever occurred – we remember it vividly) Stempy had his cystotomy and recovered well from surgery. Based on lab results, Dr. Thomas again changed Stempy’s diet. Stempy had one additional urinalysis at one post surgical follow up appointment that contradicted the lab results and her again changing his diet. She paid no attention and should have changed his diet again, but did not...she left him on a diet not even formulated for bladder stones and had him on this wrong diet for the remainder of his life.

From our extensive research after Stempy’s death (also see Consider page of this website), we learned that Dr. Thomas did not follow proper protocol starting with this very first surgery. Dr. Thomas failed to take post surgical radiographs after the cystotomy to verify removal of all stones. Dr. Thomas failed to recommend quarterly urinalyses to monitor his urine. This is a MUST for bladder stone patients as many patients form new stones in the future. Dr. Thomas failed to recommend twice yearly radiographs. This is a MUST with the goal being to catch new stones forming while they are small enough to be removed non-surgically.

(Read for yourself - many examples /recommendations from veterinary professionals prove Dr. Thomas did not follow normal protocol: click here,  and here,  and here.)

There were several opportunities to recommend a urinalysis or radiograph to us to monitor Stempy’s condition. Dr. Thomas never recommended anything.  (See Timeline page of this website.)

In March of 2005, Stempy again had a urethral obstruction. We were not sure that is what it was at the time. Dr. Thomas failed to take radiographs to ensure her diagnosis. She again washed the stone back to the bladder to relieve the obstruction. A cystotomy was scheduled for the following week and Stempy was sent home wearing a catheter again. When we went to pick up Stempy post surgery, somehow the stone had magically disappeared, so no cystotomy was performed. We were never shown radiographs to back up Dr. Thomas’ claim. No future monitoring was recommended or performed.

In September 2005, Stempy again had a urethral obstruction that unblocked itself just prior to going to see Dr. Thomas. Despite his prior history, Dr. Thomas failed to take radiographs and failed to diagnose bladder stones, even though she was told he was obstructed and had been for a day until just prior to coming in. She said he just had elevated sperm in his urine and sent him home.  This event right here is a FAILURE TO DIAGNOSE and is BELOW the standard of care ESPECIALLY with his PRIOR HISTORY of stones WITH THIS VET!

WHY in the HELL  wouldn't you take an x-ray when you have just been told that he had been blocked for a full day AND that WE suspected stones again?  Stempy had already had TWO prior episodes WITH HER. This is a MAJOR FAILURE on her part. She must have had an aversion to using her x-ray machine - was it outdated? Looking back on his care, we believe she purposely avoided using her x-ray machine multiple times - when any other vet would have AT LEAST recommended an x-ray! VIOLATION? We believe so. How could the Texas Vet Board just dismiss this case?.

ONLY TWO WEEKS LATER, Stempy again experienced a urethral obstruction from most likely the SAME STONE. FROM MOST LIKELY THE SAME STONE THAT FIRST OBSTRUCTED HIM BACK IN MARCH 2005!  (Calcium Oxalate stones do NOT dissolve or just disappear - MAJOR FAILURE BY DR. THOMAS - INEXCUSABLE!) She AGAIN failed to take radiographs to confirm diagnosis, location, and amount. She FAILED to properly wash the stone back to the bladder and tried jamming the catheter in to push the stone back to the bladder. She stated in his records that she was unable to collect a urine specimen. She sent Stempy home wearing a catheter and scheduled a cystotomy for the coming week.

How would she PASS a catheter and NOT be able to obtain a urine specimen? In fact, how did she relieve the distended bladder caused by the obstruction and yet NOT be able to obtain a urine specimen?  As we now know, she had LODGED the catheter to the stone, so much so that she told us the she was unable to remove the catheter. So this begs the question: How did she relieve the distended bladder? There was no cystocentesis done. Did she damage his urethra with the very forceful - and unsuccessful - catheterization? The FAILURE to x-ray on this day is OUTRAGEOUS. Yet, the Texas Vet Board looks the other way.

Dr. Thomas ONLY had permission to perform a cystotomy - nothing else. She did NOT perform a cystotomy. She had lodged the catheter to the stone with the forceful catheterization she had performed. She was unable to remove the catheter. She told us that Stempy, himself, removed the catheter, although this is not what she wrote in his records.She performed an unauthorized procedure which she said was a perineal urethrostomy. This is not the procedure she performed, as admitted by the board. SO SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW  WHAT SURGERY SHE PERFORMED? WAS SHE JUST MAKING STUFF UP AS SHE WENT ALONG? Her own vet tech stated she had NEVER performed that type of surgery before. She cut our little boy from his anus to his scrotum - a NINE cm incision - and NO NEW permanent or temporary opening was made - as would be expected with a urethrotomy or a urethrostomy. Remember - we had ONLY authorized a cystotomy. THAT'S IT. NOTHING ELSE. As previously mentioned, three days before this unauthorized surgery, Dr. Thomas had failed to wash the stone back to the bladder and had instead lodged the catheter to the stone. She would have known this if she would have taken a radiograph three days earlier when he was brought in. Instead, Stempy was either still obstructed for those three days or she had damaged his urethra and/or  bladder when she attempted the forceful catheterization.  (Take another look at these links:Urethral Obstruction and Canine Retrograde Urohydropropulsion: A Standard of Care.) Instead of referring us to a specialist, Dr. Thomas tried to fix her own disastrous failure.  If Stempy was in an emergency situation the day of surgery, then SHE is the one who put him there with her FAILURES three days earlier. INEXCUSABLE. Are these not violations? COME ON!!

Stempy was in extreme pain post surgery. We took him back to her EVERY DAY post surgery. Stempy was not eating and was only dribbling urine. She never properly examined him. She just kept changing his pain medicine. Then she gave us a tranquilizer with no pain killing abilities (Acepromazine) and led us to believe it was yet another pain killer. This tranquilizer lowers the seizure threshold and is not recommended for brachycephalic breeds.

Two days post surgery, Dr. Thomas’ clinic DENIED care to Stempy when his condition was deteriorating.  The clinic stated that Stempy would be IN PAIN for 2 or 3 more days and then he would be fine and NOT to bring him in - YET they had just taken him completely OFF of painkillers! How INHUMANE is THAT? Violation? Evidently not in Texas.

The very next morning, three days post surgery….Stempy passed away. He was found unconscious and lifeless on his pillow. We rushed him to this vet to no avail.

It is our contention that Stempy passed away because of that unauthorized “surgery” that Dr. Thomas had NEVER performed before that would have NEVER have been needed had Dr. Thomas taken radiographs as needed and properly diagnosed and treated his condition. There is NO DOUBT in our minds that Dr. Thomas is 100% responsible for Stempy’s preventable death.  Her attitude and failure to properly care for him those 3 days after his unauthorized surgery - to the point that the clinic DENIED Stempy care the night before he died - is deeply disturbing. Did she WANT Stempy to die?

She butchered our little boy!

(**NOTE: Dr. Thomas never recommended or performed any blood tests prior to ANY of the surgical procedures she performed. Check the Records.)

(Visit the Expert Opinion page of this website.)

"Blind trust. THAT'S why we did not take him to another vet, even though things did not seem right towards the end. We did not know then that this vet was an idiot that was untrustworthy. Just like most people out there, we blindly trusted our vet. Never in a million years did we think we needed to worry about the veterinarian harming our dog. That is something we have to live with for the rest of our lives.

But let's be REAL CLEAR here....this vet was supposed to be the professional here and she was CLEARLY negligent in his care. HER failure caused his death. If we knew then what we know now, we would have RAN to a different vet and saved his life. "
-- Greg & Cindy Munson

(Visit all the various pages of this website for detailed information of the aforementioned events.)

veterinary negligence , veterinary abuse , veterinary malpractice , incompetent , substandard


10/18/2008....A couple of days ago we located 8 precious seconds of Stempy video from 7/13/2002 - 4 days before his 5th birthday. There is a possibility of more video, but it is as yet not located. This brief video is a treasured find for us. Press play to watch:

News Flash
November 18, 2008

San Antonio, Texas - KSAT - ABC 12 - San Antonio television station KSAT - 12, the ABC affiliate, ran a  story November 18th on the Texas Veterinary Board and changes that citizens are seeking. This is the second Texas TV station to cover Stempy's Story (see KTVT footage further down this page). We are very grateful and extend our thanks to KSAT for the great coverage.


You can also watch the video at the KSAT ABC-12 website:

February 2014 - Notice: Some older updates have been moved to the Contact page to clean up the appearance of the Home page. Thank you for visiting.

The dead cannot cry out for justice;
it is a duty of the living to do so for them.

"Stempy, we think about you every single day! We love you & miss you so much! Oh, how we long to hold you in our arms again; to hear your little bark; to hear you snort at us; to see your little tail wag! Such a beautiful little boy you were! Our promise to you: We will fight for justice for you to the ends of the earth. You will NEVER be forgotten!" Love always, Your Daddy & Mommy.

Stempy - March 2005 - 7 years old

Never blindly trust your veterinarian....

Stempy died 3 days after surgery to remove a bladder stone, but there is so much more to the story. We have filed a formal complaint (January 2006) with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for the veterinary negligence that Stempy endured at the hands of Ann Thomas, DVM . We will update this site as we go through the process. (Dismissed May 2006 - Dismissed again August 2006) Click on the links up above to learn more about the veterinary negligence.

....your pet's life may depend on it!

Veterinary Negligence / Malpractice / Incompetence / Abuse is, unfortunately, a growing problem in the United States and elsewhere. You must become an informed consumer. While we hope that most veterinarians practicing today are knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who truly care about their patients, you just simply cannot leave it to chance. Our personal experience has now made us painfully aware of the "other" veterinarians out there that, in our opinion and as seen through our eyes, are incompetent or could care less about you and your beloved pet. If you don't do your "homework," your beloved pet could pay the price with their life. Research complaints, diagnoses, medications, etc. If the veterinarian recommends surgery, get a second opinion! For more opinions and information on this topic, please visit our friends at the Veterinary Abuse Network .

VETERINARY NEGLIGENCE & SUBSTANDARD CARE the hands of  Ann Thomas DVM - Mesquite, Texas


(full details are available by clicking the page links above)


 Dr. Thomas had Stempy on the wrong prescription diet for 2 years and failed to record dispensing his prescription diet on multiple occasions.
  • Dr. Thomas never took postsurgical radiographs to verify removal of all stones
  • Dr. Thomas failed to perform or recommend any aftercare or management that is required for Stempy's condition, canine bladder stones (urolithiasis), beginning post-surgery in November 2003.
  • Dr. Thomas failed to do full and complete diagnostics (radiographs) on multiple occasions.
  • Dr. Thomas failed to get consent and performed an unauthorized procedure on 9/27/05.
  • Dr. Thomas had a duty to refer this case and she completely failed by not referring this case to a specialist.
  • Dr. Thomas failed to properly examine Stempy for 2 days in a row following surgery on 9/27/05.
  • Dr. Thomas' staff refused to see Stempy at 5 pm on 9/29/05, even after being informed by phone of patient's deteriorating condition. Client was told, specifically, "No! Do not bring Stempy back in. He will be in pain for another 2 or 3 days." Clinic stated he would be in pain for another 2 or 3 days, yet Dr. Thomas had taken Stempy completely off of pain killers earlier this day and put him on tranquilizers without client's knowledge (client was led to believe that tranquilizer was yet another pain killer). Patient passed away the very next morning.
  • Dr. Thomas prescribed Acepromazine despite it having no pain killing abilities and failed to inform client that this was a tranquilizer, not a pain killer, and despite having been informed on 11/1/03 of Stempy's two prior seizures. Acepromazine lowers the seizure threshold.
  • Dr. Thomas failed to record shot she gave to patient on 9/28/05.
  • Dr. Thomas wrote down the wrong procedure performed on 9/27/05. She did NOT perform a urethrostomy.
  • Dr. Thomas failed to follow client's instructions and breached the verbal agreement the parties had that if anything more severe than a cystotomy had to be performed on 9/27/05, client would be immediately notified first so client could decide how to proceed.
  • Dr. Thomas falsified and/or altered Stempy's records on multiple occasions.
  • Dr. Thomas withheld radiographs from client for 8 months, and then provided unusable "pictures" of the radiographs on a homemade cd-rom. Client is still waiting for the State Board to provide usable x-ray film duplicates.


(click the page links up above for a detailed listing of all of the alleged violations)


Surgery can cause excruciating pain and distress, especially a botched surgery. Ann Thomas, DVM has obviously forgotten how to recognize pain & distress in the animals she is treating. Ann Thomas, DVM has lost her concern for the distress that surgery can create.
Stempy was literally in worse shape and in constant extreme pain post surgery. It's why we took him back up there every day post-surgery. She literally acted like we were a bother to her post-surgery. She said, "Stempy was just being whiney." We know our dogs extremely well. Stempy was NOT being "whiney"... he was in excruciating pain!She lied in his records about what we observed and reported to her. She butchered our little boy. His incision was from his anus to his scrotum. The incision was stitched up w/ big, thick stitches. There was severe bruising. There was NO new or temporary opening made anywhere. We only remember seeing him dribble some urine post surgery....never a solid stream.

He was in CONSTANT excruciating pain post 9/27/05 surgery.

She severely hurt our little boy........She did not help him.

In spite of all evidence proving negligence.


Robert L. Lastovica, DVM of Friendship Veterinary Center & Lastovica Angus Farm
Friendship Veterinary Center Friendship Veterinary Center
 Lastovica Angus Farm
in Fredericksburg, Texas - was the reviewing veterinarian who dismissed the appeal. He was the President of the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners at the time of Stempy's complaint. (update May 2008 - his six year term has now expired and he is no longer a member of the Board.) Of course, we were not allowed any contact during the appeal or complaint process.We have made several attempts to communicate with Dr. Lastovica and the other Board members. There should be no problem with communication now, but none of Board members have ever responded to us. We are waiting for someone to explain how all 33 alleged violations were dismissed.

Why was Dr. Thomas not punished?

Just an honest and ethical explanation is what we seek from each of you.

Stempy is deserving and we want to hear your explanation.

The complaint and appeal process is over.

There is no reason you cannot communicate with us now.

We are waiting.........and waiting ........and waiting

 .News Flash
March 23, 2007

Dallas, Texas - KTVT - CBS 11 - Dallas / Ft. Worth television station KTVT - 11, the local CBS affiliate, ran a two-part story March 21st and March 22nd on Veterinary Malpractice and what happens in Texas when your pet is a victim of a Bad Vet. Veteran news anchor Tracy Rowlett, the "Walter Cronkite" of Dallas / Ft. Worth, interviewed us for this story. Stempy's story was a prominent part of both segments. We were very pleased with the story and we are sincerely appreciative of Mr. Rowlett for interviewing us and very thankful to Executive Producer John Sparks for contacting us and arranging the interview.

Here are a few still shots taken from the video:

Greg being interviewed by Tracy Rowlett

News Flash

AUGUST 16, 2007

It took over a year, since the 2nd dismissal, to get a Board Vet to talk to us as has happened recently. In that period of time, we have attended 3 public Board meetings (there are 3 a year) - voicing our objections, concerns, questions, and asking to speak to a Board Vet. The Board Vet who finally spoke to us  was NOT Board President Robert Lastovica, DVM or the other 2 Board Vets who supposedly "reviewed" Stempy's case. 

Robert Lastovica, DVM
Robert Lastovica, DVM - President
of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (at the time of Stempy's complaint.)
In fact, we even paid a visit to Dr. Lastovica last month (July 2007) at "Lastovica Angus Farm," where he welcomes visitors and even posts a map to the location. We asked him to please call us at his earliest convenience to discuss Stempy's case and address our remaining questions and concerns. What did Dr. Lastovica do?  Face to face he was cordial and said he would call us. He lied. After we left, he decided to squeal like a stuck pig and "tattle" to Dewey Helmcamp, the Executive Director of the Board.

Lee Mathews and Dewey Helmcamp
Left to right - Lee Mathews - retiring General Counsel & Dewey Helmcamp, Executive Director
of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. Mr. Helmcamp is the leader of this "Three Ring Circus."

We are guessing the conversation between Dr. Lastovica and Mr. Helmcamp probably went something like this:  

"Wah....wah! Daddy, I mean Dewey, the Munson's won't leave me alone! They want to ask me questions!  Can you imagine the horror?!?"

"Well, them mean old Munson's! Don't they know we only care about vets, not them and their pets? I'll fix them! I'll just send a note to all Board Members warning them to have NO contact with the Munson's at all! That'll fix them!" 

* - This is speculation & sarcasm on our part as to what their conversation might have actually sounded like, but you get the idea. We do know that Helmcamp, 
after being contacted by Lastovica, did indeed notify and warn all the veterinary board members to have no contact with us . This is absurd.  This is just further proof of just how far off this Board is from performing its stated mission of protecting the public. This Board is in desperate need of reform.  Despite Helmcamp trying to prevent us from speaking with a Board vet, we found one willing to speak with us recently. That discussion was even more discouraging because it further revealed the "anything goes" mentality of the Board. Truly a sad state of affairs for pets here in Texas.

The two original reviewing members  who dismissed Stempy's case were Guy Johnsen, DVM of El Paso, TX and Bud Alldredge, DVM of Sweetwater, TX.  Dr. Johnsen wrote us a note forwarded to us through the board in July of 2007. It was his 'final analysis' of the case. Dr. Guy Johnsen, of Johnsen Animal Hospital. and former vice president of the Texas Vet Board, blamed US for Stempy's death. It was obvious to us from his analysis that Dr. Thomas had lied in her response to the board. We have NEVER been allowed to see Dr. Thomas' response. Dr. Johnsen's letter was the most insulting piece of garbage we have ever received. Greg responded to Dr. Guy W. Johnsen at the October 2007 board meeting with a speech, the text of which is below:

Greg Munson's speech - 10/11/2007:

"Dr. Johnsen,
 You did a final analysis of Stempy’s case on July 9th, 2007. In that analysis, you state that you will not entertain anymore dialogue from us on this matter. Sir, we have NEVER been allowed to have ANY direct dialogue with you regarding Stempy’s case, so it’s pretty obvious to us that you are never going to grow a conscious, and certainly not while writing your analysis.
You state that you read each case 3 times. We find that a little hard to believe. Listen for a moment and we’ll make that real clear for you.
You state that you place yourself in the shoes of the owner. Frankly, that statement is downright insulting. You could NEVER objectively place yourself in the shoes of any owner, and most certainly not our shoes.
You state that you bounce questions about the case off of SEVERAL outside sources. Please tell us, Dr. Johnsen, why is it that you have no time to bounce questions off of the persons who would have the MOST knowledge of the case? Those persons would be the complainant.  That would be us, Dr. Johnsen.  When the stories don’t match between the complainant and licensee, you need to talk to both parties. You took time to speak with the licensee, veterinary specialists, and other private practitioners, but yet you have no time to EVER talk with the complainant? How can you claim to put yourself in the owner’s shoes when you NEVER EVEN TALK TO THEM?!? This is just downright shameful. Your method is not just, nor is it fair.
Did you talk to other veterinarians in the Mesquite area to determine the community standard of care? We did. We even submitted a letter from another Mesquite veterinarian that supported our claim. Did you miss that when you were reading Stempy’s case those 3 times?
You state that Dr. Thomas followed an acceptable surgical protocol. Since when is it acceptable protocol to perform a procedure we had never authorized – a procedure that Dr. Thomas had NEVER performed in her 20 years of being a vet?  She was in over her head. She should have referred Stempy to a specialist. It was not within the “penumbra of her treatment plan.” She had no “treatment plan.” We were very explicit and clear about what she had our permission for to perform.
You state that she evaluated Stempy via history. You read the case 3 times? Hmmm. Did you fail to comprehend what occurred on Stempy’s visit two weeks prior? Despite his HISTORY of stones, she failed to radiograph to check for stones or correctly diagnose stones.
You state that Dr. Thomas performed pre-op blood tests. Dr. Johnsen, are you sure you even read Stempy’s case ONE time? No blood tests were EVER performed. No blood tests are ever mentioned in the medical records.
You state that nothing in the records document our concern about the unauthorized procedure. Do you really think that Dr. Thomas would document OUR concern about an UNAUTHORIZED procedure SHE performed in the medical records that she was falsifying? Now we are POSITIVE that YOU did not read what we submitted. Ever cross your mind that Dr. Thomas is not being truthful? Obviously, not for a second, as you bought her story hook, line, and sinker. Well, guess what? She lied to you.
You state that Dr. Thomas was giving us financial leeway. Sir, money had never even been discussed prior to surgery because she was only authorized to do a cystotomy. Money had no bearing on whether or not we would have gone to a specialist. When we went to pick him up POST-SURGERY, his bill was twice the cost of the cystotomy performed in November 2003. We asked to pay in 2 payments by check because the bill was twice what it was supposed to be. She could have said no. We had other methods of payment available. Your insinuation that we EVER put any type of financial restraint on Stempy’s care is insulting! That is over the top, and frankly, you owe us an apology.
Ditto, our new Shih Tzu, cost us exactly $750. The only way we would have accepted this amount from Dr. Thomas was for her to accept full responsibility. She did neither. For you to suggest that we were money motivated shows how out of touch you really are.
You obviously did not read everything we submitted. You have misjudged us and midjudged Stempy’s case terribly. This is why the complainant MUST be allowed to view and rebut the licensee’s response. This is why the complainant MUST be allowed to communicate with the reviewing veterinarian during the process.
Just and fair? Not even close. Good riddance."

 (so maybe you and your pet won't have to experience the physical and
emotional pain caused by an incompetent and negligent vet.)

Prospective vet with a pet.

According to the CBS-11 investigation (see above), the Texas Vet Board received 212 consumer complaints in 2006 and only 17 vets were disciplined. That's an 8% disciplinary rate and that is absolutely deplorable. Reform is CRITICAL to protect the pets of Texas. These numbers make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the Board is incapable of policing themselves in the current climate. Take a moment and VOTE with Stempy's VoteCaster in our informal poll. Make your voice heard! Write your legislators!

Board's numbers from the years 2004 - 2005.

397 complainants (according to c/s survey on board website)
53 resulted in some action (not counting C/E and DEA reg. violations)

Breakdown on punishments:

Informal reprimand - 17
Formal reprimand - 15
Formal + - 2
Formal + fine - 19

arrowDisciplinary rate - 13.35% (53 / 397)          UNACCEPTABLE!

arrow Informals are not reported to the national database. As far as the national database goes then, that would lower the Texas disciplinary rate to 9.07% .         PATHETIC!

arrow Only 4.79% of all 397 complaints filed by the complainants resulted in a fine for a respondent vet.                                                                                                 EXTREMELY POOR!
Pee on alleged negligent vet Ann Thomas, DVM.
Our most prized possession:

September 20, 2010 - As we approach the 5 year anniversary of Stempy's  passing in 10 days on September 30th, and Muffy's passing in 20 days on October 10th (learn more about Muffy below), we have found something that we believed existed, but was lost. Last week, while cleaning one of our closets, we found videotape of Stempy and Muffy unseen since 2003, two years before their deaths. This was filmed in April and September of 2003. Prior to finding this videotape, we only had 8 seconds of Stempy and none of Muffy. There could never be enough of either, but we are so happy to have this videotape of them. Meet Stempy and Muffy: (If the video starts and stops, let it play through one time and then rewatch it. That will fix the starting and stopping.)

Muffy Munson
Lhasa Apso
passed away 10 days after Stempy at the age of 17 3/4 years old.
February 10, 1988 - October 10, 2005


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Stempy - Christmas 2004 - 7 years old

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In Memory of
Muffy Munson
the best doggie in the whole world!

Muffy - Our backyard - circa 2003

February 10, 1988
October 10, 2005

Muffy, our beloved female Lhasa Apso, passed away due to old age and cancer 10 days after Stempy on October 10, 2005 at the grand old age of 17 years old.

She is dearly loved
and dearly missed!

Greg & Muffy - circa Christmas 1995
Greg & Muffy - circa Christmas 1995

More Stempy...

Stempy - our back porch - circa 2003

Stempy - June 1998 - 11 months old

Stempy's spot in the bed.

Cindy and Stempy circa 2002.

Stempy was an AKC champion-sired male Shih Tzu. He was only 8 years old. He was truly a once in a lifetime dog.

In our opinion, he had about half
of his life taken away from him due to the negligent and substandard
care he received at the hands
of his vet.

Stempy's veterinarian was:

Rodeo Dr. Veterinary Hospital
Rodeo Dr. Veterinary Hospital
Mesquite, Texas


In our opinion,
we think the DVM means:

(D)oesn't know

Be sure to click the page links at the top of the page to learn all about the veterinary negligence that Stempy endured for 2 years because we were all-trusting of this vet. If only we had researched
two years prior.....

You MUST do your research NOW

No matter how great you "think" your vet may be, do not
leave it to chance!

There is no 2nd chance for Stempy
We miss you, little boy!

We will
NOT let you die in vain!


Let us repeat that....

veterinary negligence , veterinary abuse , veterinary malpractice , incompetent , substandard

"Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency."

Is this the definition of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners?

It might as well be....

Things to do:

Hear our speeches to the Board from 10/16/08:

Hear our good friends Stefani Olsen and Julie Catalano being interviewed on Canton, Ohio radio station Q92 about veterinary malpractice from November 2008:

FEBRUARY 12, 2009

Austin, TX - Greg Munson, co-founder of the Texas Vet Board Watch, and Julie Catalano, founder of the Veterinary Abuse Network, address the Texas Veterinary Board at the board's public meeting:

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

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If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

Texas Vet Board Watch

If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

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Texas Vet Board Watch

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If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

Texas Vet Board Watch

If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

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If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

Texas Vet Board Watch

If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

Choose a Vet w/ Stempy's Checklist

If it's not a Shih Tzu, it's just a dog.

STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

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If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

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Heaven's GateAngel StempyHeaven's Gate

In our opinion, ANN K. THOMAS, DVM is an incompetent vet based on our experience with her and we would NEVER, under any circumstances, recommend her to anybody with a pet!
In our opinion, Stempy is also a victim of the TEXAS STATE BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICAL EXAMINERS' complaint system that is supposed to PROTECT OUR PETS, but, instead, may very well be protecting GUILTY VETS
Approximately 90% of consumer complaints filed in Texas against veterinarians are ALL  DISMISSED as no violation found!
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along with copies of the medical records, as received by Greg & Cindy Munson via facsimile, from Ann K. Thomas, DVM.
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Stempy - 1999 - 2 years oldStempy after getting buzzed at the groomer.Stempy after getting buzzed at the groomer.Stempy's last Christmas. 2004.Stempy on our back porch.Stempy - March 2005
We love you, Muffy!            Thank you for visiting Stempy's website!             We love you, Stempy!