In Memory of Stempy
"A million times we've needed you. A million times we've cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died."
Stempy - 1999 - 2 years oldJuly 17, 1997 - September 30, 2005; align=Stempy - 1999 - 2 years old
We firmly believe that Stempy was a victim of VETERINARY NEGLIGENCE & SUBSTANDARD CARE that resulted in his preventable death at the hands of BAD vet
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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit Stempy's website and to learn a little bit more about who we are and why we decided to create this website.

First, let me introduce us to you. My name is Greg Munson and my wife's name is Cindy. We have been married since 1998 and we reside in Mesquite, Texas - a suburb of Dallas. We are two normal people other than the fact that we do not have children for personal reasons. We do have dogs and our dogs are treated almost as if they are our children. They are loved just as much as any parent would love their own child.

Greg and Cindy - November 2012
Greg & Cindy Munson

We firmly believe that our beloved Shih Tzu, Stempy, died because of the negligent and substandard care that he endured at the hands of BAD veterinarian Ann Thomas, DVM of Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital in Mesquite, Texas. Dr. Thomas lied to us, she lied to the Texas Veterinary Board, who subsequently dismissed our complaint based on her lies.

Someone must hold Dr. Thomas accountable for her actions and this website is an attempt to do so while also educating the public of her actions. We also hope to let everyone know that you should never blindly trust any veterinarian.

Stempy was a once in a lifetime dog. He meant the world to us. We are telling the world his story.

- Greg Munson

Greg, Ditto, & Tempy - April 2006Cindy - April 2006Greg & Cindy Munson - circa 2000
                                Greg                                                                                 Cindy
                                                                  Greg & Cindy Munson

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STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

If you love your pet, NEVER blindly trust your vet!

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STOP Veterinary Negligence Malpractice & Abuse!

Stempy - Christmas 2004 - 7 years old

MUFFY                        STEMPY
You are loved.
Muffy's Guardian AngelBurning candle.Burning candle.Stempy's Guardian Angel

In Memory of
Muffy Munson
the best doggie in the whole world!

Muffy - Our backyard - circa 2003
February 10, 1988
October 10, 2005

Muffy, our beloved female Lhasa Apso, passed away due to old age and cancer 10 days after Stempy on October 10, 2005 at the grand old age of
¾ years old.

She is dearly loved and dearly missed!


Stempy's Spirit soars.....

Stempy - our back porch - circa 2003

Stempy - June 1998 - 11 months old

Stempy's spot in the bed.

Cindy and Stempy circa 2002.

Stempy was an AKC champion-sired
male Shih Tzu. He was only 8 years old. He was truly a once in a lifetime dog.
In our opinion, he had about half
of his life taken away from him due
to the negligent and substandard
care he received at the hands
of his vet. Unfortunately,
Stempy's veterinarian was:

Rodeo Dr. Veterinary Hospital
Rodeo Dr. Veterinary Hospital
Mesquite, Texas

In our opinion,
we think the DVM means:

(D)oesn't know

Be sure to click the page links at the top of the page to learn all about the veterinary negligence that Stempy endured for 2 years because we were all-trusting of this vet. If only we had researched two years prior.....

You MUST do your research NOW

No matter how great you "think" your vet may be, do not leave it to chance!

There is no 2nd chance for Stempy!

We miss you, little boy!

We will
NOT let you die in vain!


Let us repeat that....


What happened to Stempy? Here's a timeline...
In our opinion, ANN K. THOMAS, DVM is an incompetent vet based on our experience with her and we would NEVER, under any circumstances, recommend her to anybody with a pet!
In our opinion, Stempy is also a victim of the TEXAS STATE BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICAL EXAMINERS' complaint system that is supposed to PROTECT OUR PETS, but, instead, may very well be protecting GUILTY VETS!  Approximately 90% of ALL consumer complaints filed in Texas against veterinarians are DISMISSED as no violation found!
Notice: The material presented on each page of this website consists solely of the opinions, observations, interpretations, & personal experiences of Greg & Cindy Munson, co-authors of this website, & should be considered in that context. Also included on this website are text copies of material submitted to and received from the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, along with copies of the medical records, as received by Greg & Cindy Munson via facsimile, from Ann K. Thomas, DVM.
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Stempy - 1999 - 2 years oldStempy after getting buzzed at the groomer.Stempy after getting buzzed at the groomer.Stempy's last Christmas. 2004.Stempy on our back porch.Stempy - March 2005
We love you, Muffy!            Thank you for visiting Stempy's website!             We love you, Stempy!